Applying body lotion is an important step in our skincare routine. It doesn’t only moisturize and brighten our skin, it also maintains the youthful touch of it allowing you to have a smoother skin as you age. And you know that your body lotion is good when it brightens, restores, and nourishes damaged skin cells.

Luxuane released a brightening body lotion particularly made to illuminate and radiate dull-looking skin. This type of lotion is made of powerful ingredients that exfoliates and deeply treats hyperpigmentation and irregular dark spots. For more details, here is a simple guide to the special features and benefits of using Luxuane Illuminating and Brightening Body Lotion.

  • Product Name: Luxuane Queen Makeda Line: Illuminating and Brightening Body Lotion

  • Volume: 300 mL

  • Skin type: Suited for all skin types - oily, dry, and/or combination

  • Special Features: Exfoliating, Sun Protection, Brightening, and Illuminating

Be confident in showing your natural skin beauty and complexion through this Luxuane Illuminating and Brightening Body Lotion. This lotion has glutathione, vitamin C, and Kojic Acid which helps to even out skin’s complexion by reducing all unnecessary dark spots and marks caused by UV damage and/or skin irritation. It also has hyaluronic acid, glycerin, salicylic acid which is perfect for treating hyperpigmentation and restoring damaged skin.

However, the lotion is not only designed for skin brightening. Hyaluronic acid along with jojoba oil, and some other mineral oil included in the ingredients, are excellent for moisturizing and hydrating the skin’s texture; giving off a smooth and plump skin. The lotion is known for its collagen component as well which specializes in strengthening the skin cells and maintaining its firmness and youthful look.

The product is easy to apply. Just use your fingertips to get an ample amount of the product then, gently massage it onto your body. Remember to apply only after cleansing and for better results, use it twice a day!

In terms of packaging, the lotion’s container is white with a silver cap. You can see clearly on the container the special features and benefits of using the product. The container looks aesthetically sleek, minimalist, and clean since it is white. Plus, it is slim and can fit anywhere! You can bring it with you when you are travelling as well.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your own Luxuane Illuminating and Brightening Body Lotion to glow naturally and be beach ready with your flawlessly enhanced skin.

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